25 Utility Software Examples

Mr-ell.comUtility Software Examples For Your Computer | You can use utility software to evaluate, setup, optimize, and maintain your computer with the help of a bundled set of tools.

These programs assist in the management of system resources, which in turn helps your computer run better and faster.

Utilities also pay attention to how your computer’s hardware works. The hardware, software or apps, data storage programs, and operating system are all included.

Apps and utility apps are often mistaken for each other. In terms of their size, usefulness, complexity and function, the two are very different from each other.

Users of utility tools typically have a more advanced understanding of computers and the software they utilize. As an alternative, applications are user-friendly and may be used by those with or without technical expertise.

In addition, utilities might be basic or complicated, and perform one or several tasks. Data compression, file or document management, virus detection, and more are just a few of the activities that utility programs accomplish.

When looking for utility software examples, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites.


Protection from viruses and other malware is a must for your computer. To keep your data and personal information safe, there is a wide variety of antivirus software on the market. Here are a few instances of good work.

1. Defender from Microsoft

Even though Microsoft Defender is pre-installed on most Windows PCs, a premium version is also available for businesses. Antivirus software protects your computer from infection and is always active by default, allowing you to work uninterrupted.

The software provides basic internet security, but it is constantly updated. It is possible to adjust the level of protection to suit your needs, preventing undesirable apps from running and protecting your files and folders from ransomware.

2. Norton 360 LifeLock

An outstanding third-party antivirus is Norton 360 with LifeLock Select Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices are all supported by this anti-virus software. Additional protection is provided by a built-in anti-malware mechanism called LifeLock.

Also included are 100GB of cloud storage, an encrypted VPN, a secure browser extension, parental controls, a fraud warning, and comprehensive identity theft protection.

3. Bitdefender

When it comes to anti-virus software, Bitdefender is a well-respected name.. Your devices will be protected from viruses and malware in both the free and premium editions.

The antiviral is simple to set up and is only activated when needed. In addition, the software keeps an eye out for viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware in real time as you use your computer.

With a VPN and parental controls available on many devices, you’re well-protected.

4. Malwarebytes

Security software such as Malwarebytes can help keep your computer free of viruses and malware. Windows, Mac, and Android devices may all be disinfected with this app.

When you run antivirus scans on your devices, it will detect and eliminate any dangers.

5. McAfee Total Protection

Another well-known brand of security software is McAfee, which is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The program has been around since the 1980s and provides excellent virus protection for your devices.

Among its other features are anti-ransomware, password management, and the ability to block harmful websites. The ID Theft Protection Essentials can be accessed only if you pay for a subscription.

Management of Documents

It is possible to digitize and organize paper and digital documents with ease using document management software. For your convenience, we’ve selected a few of our favorite options from among the many available.

Microsoft’s SharePoint is an all-in-one solution for managing and collaborating on documents. Create custom metadata fields across all of the files in the system, and organize archives by team using this tool.

All of these options make it simple and convenient to customize the way your files are organized to meet your specific needs. You can also work together to create and update documents. Use AI to gather data and automate operations with its Syntex tool.

6. Rubex

Rubex is a cloud-based utility program that allows remote workers to log in from any internet-enabled device and experience the same level of productivity as if they were sitting in front of a desk.

Documents are managed by the program and can be accessed via a mobile app for firms with distant teams.

There are multiple ways to search for papers, and it makes use of the time-honored cabinet folder file structure.

7. M-Files

This is a good document management system with a wide range of functions to help you keep track of your files. You can also use it to digitize and automate large amounts of documentation.

Windows Explorer serves as a model for this application’s user interface. For your company, you have a choice of hybrid, cloud-based, or on-premises deployment.

Using M-Files, you can also gain access to Kyocera multifunction printers and a wide range of other consulting and business solutions. In this approach, you may increase efficiency, minimize costs connected with document management, and improve customer service.

You’ll also have access to Hubshare’s file-sharing and project-management capabilities, which allow you to work together securely.

8. VIENNA Advantage

Open-source, user-friendly VIENNA Advantage is a free, open-source document management solution

Your files are safe thanks to process automation and encrypted storage. Software is scalable in the sense that it expands together with your business.

9. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice, a document management system for small and medium-sized organizations, is a useful tool. The program provides file storage, online document editors, CRM, project management, chat, calendar, email, and contact functions.

Files may be stored and accessed from anywhere, several file formats can be used, sharing and collaboration is effortless, and a safe environment for co-authoring and document editing is provided.

Utility software also includes a wide range of compression tools. It is easier and quicker to compress files with these programs.

In addition, you may utilize them with a variety of file kinds, distribute and archive your files to save space on your hard disk. Here are a few good examples of compression tools.

10. WinZip

A file compression tool called WinZip is a popular choice for many. It’s compatible with a wide range of archive formats, has powerful management features, and can be easily integrated into a number of other programs.

There is cloud support, advanced file sharing, and advanced zip management with this application. Create and extract files using the program’s window or interface, whichever is more convenient for you.

11. WinRAR

WinRAR is a file compression utility that has a high compression rate, supports numerous formats, and allows you to build RAR files. The software can be used to compress files and is accessible on practically every platform.

Additionally, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the tool’s UI, the wizard mode might help alleviate some of that burden. RAR compatibility, encryption and self-extracting archive creation are just some of the other features that make it worth a look.

12. 7-Zip

Because it’s free and works well with large files, 7-Zip is frequently included alongside WinZip in comparisons. Any compressed file format may be handled by the software, and it even includes its own format, 7z. With a high compression rate, you can save up to 16 zettabytes of data.

13. Zip archiver

Compressing files with Zip Archiver is as simple as dragging and dropping files into the program’s window and clicking “Compress.” Zip Archiver makes it simple to compress and decompress files, even if you’re unsure how to do so.

Use the shareable link to share files with others.

14. PeaZip

Linux and Windows users alike can benefit from this free file compressing utility. Converting archive formats and providing security choices are just two of the features of this software. In addition to ZIP files, RAR archives may be opened and extracted as well.

AES 256-based encryption with a password manager and two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) are only a few of the features available.

Disk Administration Software

Tools for managing your storage devices’ partitions on a disk allow you to create, delete, downsize, enlarge, split, or merge partitions as needed.

To make place for new files or programs, you can resize or merge your hard drive partitions using the software.

15. MiniTool Partition Wizard

It’s simple to use, covers a wide range of basic disk partitioning activities, and allows you to enlarge the system partition without having to restart the computer. Modern Windows versions of the program operate flawlessly, even simulating your changes before you save them.

You can also use it to perform routine tasks, such as formatting, deleting, moving, resizing, splitting, merging, or copying partitions. Using this program, you can also see if your file system has faults, run tests, wipe partitions, and align them all at once.

Use the utility to migrate your operating system to a different hard disk or to recover deleted or missing partitions.

16. AOMEI Partition Assistant SE

Useful options include an easy to follow tutorial and a simple to use interface. Any modifications you make are queued by the software and only applied when you do so.

Most of its capabilities are accessible without having to troll through menus, and it can be run from a bootable CD. Using this method, it is possible to use a hard disk that does not have an operating system installed.

In addition to resizing and merging partitions, you can also use Partition Magic to create new partitions, format existing ones, align, split, recover partitions, and replicate entire disks.

17. Active Partition Manager

Active Partition Manager is a straightforward disk partitioning utility. You can use it to make modifications to your hard disk, or you can use a backup to restore those changes.

Using the software, you can create new partitions from empty disk space or manage the ones you already have.

NTFS, FAT, EXT, and HFS+ are just a few of the supported file systems. As a bonus, it can create images of drives for backup, as well as convert between MBR and GPT.

18. Easeus Partition Master Free

In addition to being simple to use, this partitioning program offers numerous useful options and capabilities. Programs can be password-protected, larger hard drives can be easily upgraded, and changes can be previewed before they’re applied.

In addition, it constantly improves and adds new functions and options to its program.

EaseUS also provides password security, the ability to hide or combine partitions, the ability to upgrade the system drive to a larger bootable drive, and the ability to copy Windows to a separate hard drive.

19. Gparted

You can use GParted even if you don’t have an operating system. Without needing to restart your device, the utility quickly applies any modifications you make.

A wide range of file systems are supported, as well as the ability to disguise partitions.

Even though the software can be run from a USB or bootable disc, the user interface is identical to a regular partitioning program. It’s simple to use and simplifies partition editing by allowing you to specify the free space size you desire before and after the division.

Disk Cleanup Program

A device optimizer, such as a disk cleanup program, can speed up a sluggish system without the need for additional hardware changes.

There are a lot of tools out there that promise faster device performance, but not all of them live up to the hype they generate. Here are a few well-known choices that can give you a noticeable speed improvement without annoying commercials or extra charges.

20. Lolo System Mechanic

Everything you need to fine-tune and remove unwanted files from your device’s settings is included in this disk cleanup program.

There are a variety of scan options available, and the software provides a full analysis of the most common difficulties and a wide range of scan options.

All undesirable apps and garbage files are removed, undesired auto-run settings are blocked and bloatware is removed from the system.

By doing this, you may free up important system resources while also erasing your browsing history and safeguarding your privacy.

21. Restoro

This is a simplified optimizer with amazing basic features like utilities repair and quick and efficient scans.

Restoro doesn’t have as many functionality as other disk cleanup programs, but it covers the essentials and does so efficiently. Scans for a variety of issues and uses its strong repair capability to fix them.

Scanners have built-in malware detection. Using this tool, you may decide whether or not to delete any suspicious files that have been found on your computer.

22. Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free

This disk cleanup tool is best suited for novices because it doesn’t require any intervention from the user. Only Windows machines are supported, however the software is clean and customized with a one-click automated cleansing.

Faster internet speeds, privacy protection, real-time optimization, deep registry cleaning, and round-the-clock technical help are just some of its many impressive features.

You can also use it to remove unnecessary files and folders, and it will fix any errors on your drive and keep your Windows Registry clean – all in one click..

If you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you, we will get a commission from the sale.

23. Piriform CCleaner

There are some parts of your computer that other disk cleanup programs don’t touch, and Piriform CCleaner is one of them. Simply put, the software is simple to use, and it removes unnecessary files from your computer’s registry.

Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Android, making it ideal for both desktop and mobile use.

An additional feature, such as cleaning schedules and real-time protection, are available with the paid option. There are advantages to the free option as well, including the removal of unwanted cookies, browser caches and temporary files.

Try this first if you think your device is lagging.

24. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

When it comes to keeping your computer running at its best, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a great choice. Broken registry entries, junk files and browser cookies can all be scanned for and deleted in a single step with this tool.

You can also select Details to go deeper into the scan results, view a description of the identified issues, and decide whether or not to keep or remove them.

Optimizing startup processes and defragging hard drives are just two of the many routine maintenance tasks included in this software package. It’s possible to do all of this in Windows, but it’s much easier to do it all at once.

Backup Software

Even if you have a physical copy of your files on a hard drive or another storage device, you’ll still require software to guard against data loss due to deletion errors or hard drive failures. Backup tools offer this level of security by regularly and automatically copying your data to another location. Here are a few examples.

25. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a great tool for backing up and synchronizing your data. It also has excellent support for mobile devices and a comprehensive backup solution for your home computer.

You can back up files and images of your computer, save to an external drive or FTP server, and select the WiFi network to run backups on.

All major Windows and Mac OS X versions are supported by the software.

26. Backblaze

Using this cloud backup service is simple and straightforward. To back up massive files like virtual machine files or 4K videos, there are no file size limits.

Unlimited storage, automatic backups, and previews of images before restoring them are all included in the service.

27. Carbonite

Carbonite is a fantastic backup solution that’s simple to use, dependable, automated, and simple to recover from if something goes wrong. Due to the fact that internal hard drives can store virtually limitless amounts of data, the company’s cloud backup plans are extremely popular.

Also included are Android and iOS mobile apps as well as enterprise-level cloud backup services.. A unique BlackBerry app is also included, which you won’t find in many other backup solutions.

28. EaseUS ToDo Backup

This backup software is reasonably priced, works on both Windows and Mac, and has a robust feature set. Over the past 10 years, you can expect a powerful tool with packages for both home and business users, as well as service providers, to be available.

A number of its powerful features include full or incremental backup options, multiple partitions, cloud backups, and hardware RAID.

29. NovaBackup

Backing up your computer’s hard drive to local media using this tool is safe, convenient, and offers a variety of options for small businesses and consumers alike.

In addition to backing up local files, it can also back up to popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and OneDrive. You can also send your data to a local media drive without using the internet because it uses AES256-bit encryption and runs locally on your computer.

Final Thoughts

There’s still plenty of useful software out there for us to explore. However, these utility tools perform specific and useful functions to enhance and maintain the computer system of your device.

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