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  1. Why should education be prioritized above stock?
Do You Want to Start Trading Penny Stocks

If you are searching for a “Get Rich Quick Scheme,” I’m sorry to disappoint you. Penny stocks are not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme.” Penny stocks have the potential to make individuals extremely wealthy, but they also have the potential to cause them to lose all they have invested in them. The most significant investment you can make at the outset of your investment career is in your education, which is the most difficult to quantify.

Why should education be prioritized above stock?

The stock market is a wonderful place to lose money, and that is why we do not advocate getting your money into it head-first. The best course of action is to read, read, and read some more before making a decision. Getting free information about penny stocks and trading strategies via the internet is one of the most effective means of obtaining such information.

Forums, websites, news sites, and eBooks are all excellent resources for improving your penny stock investing knowledge and skills. There are several excellent books available for borrowing from libraries or purchasing at a reasonable price from bookstores.

You should use caution when reading stock recommendations, investment ideas, and trading methodologies found on the internet. Stock suggestions and views from online forums can be skewed, and they should not be relied upon without conducting your own thorough study first. In a similar vein, eBooks that contain techniques that guarantee high returns are rarely successful in the manner promised. The reason for this is that even if a technique worked successfully for the author, there is no assurance that it would work for everyone else because everyone is different, but you may learn something new that you did not know previously as a result of the experience.

Google News offers a business section, which is a set of articles that provide free, up-to-date information on stock prices and market trends. Yahoo Finance also includes a decent news area, as well as free charts and corporate information, among other things.

If you receive advise from anyone, whether it is a financial expert or a friend, you should always conduct your own extra study before acting on that advice. Instead of relying on your feelings, you should base your judgments on facts.

It is possible to engage in some “test transactions” if you have gained sufficient confidence. You may either maintain a written record of your trades or you can utilize a stock simulator website where you can invest with “fake” money to keep track of your transactions. This may be accomplished through the use of a website called Champion Investor (, which is excellent for this purpose since it estimates earnings and losses on an automated basis. In addition, if you are the top performer for the month, you will get a cash prize of £1000.

When you use a stock simulator, you may be confident that you will not lose your hard-earned money if you make a poor investing decision. Instead, you will acquire valuable experience and learn not to repeat the mistake without losing your money.

Providing that you are regularly able to earn a profit with your “test trades,” you will be able to progress to the real thing without difficulty. Your investment approach should remain same from when you were making winning test trades, but instead of using “fake” money, you will be utilizing your actual money through a stock broker to make your investments.

For the purposes of summarizing, if you are considering getting into penny stocks, please do not jump in head first without first investing in your education.


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